Fortress Self Storage

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When and how is rent due for my storage space?Fortress Self Storage
Rent is due in advance for the month or it can be paid in advance for any number of months. First month will be required at time of application to rent a storage space. Payment can be Visa, MasterCard or Debit. Cash or Cheques may be accepted with a Credit Card as a backup. A Credit card is preferred and at least one piece of photo ID will be required.

What will happen if I am late on my rent for the storage space?
There may be late fees payable depending on the circumstances. In the worst case scenario, contents of the storage space could be removed and sold to cover costs.

What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a storage space?
There is a minimum of a 1-month rental.

Are my items insured?Fortress Self Storage
No, you would have to provide your own storage insurance. Check with your insurance company.

Who supplies the lock for the storage space?
You can purchase a lock from us or supply your own lock. This ensures that you are the only person with a key for your storage space for security purposes.

Is there help available to load and unload items?
Unfortunately, we can not help you, but there are dollies and carts available.

Is there power in the storage space? Are there lights? Can I work in the storage space?
There are lights in the storage space on a motion sensor. There are no power outlets. Working in the storage space is not permitted, other then to load and unload your items.

What can and cannot be stored?Fortress Self Storage
The easiest part of this is what cannot be stored:
No propane bottles of any size.
All gas containers must be empty.
No food of any kind. Including all animal / pet food.
No hazardous materials, such as paint, chemicals, flammable or explosive materials.

Can I store cars, boats, RV's, ATV's etc. in the storage space?
Yes you can. Please contact the office for more details.

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